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Violin Music

Today I am going to post some amazing violin tunes and some information about violin as well. The tunes i am posting are very famous tunes from Bollywood and have amazing music. Violin is the instrument which will touch your heart and you will feel it in every blood cell of your body. The music generated by the violins is so melodious that it will make you to hear it again and again. Lets know something about violin.

Violin is one of the most melodious instrument, and was launched by Italy in early 1500s. There is not much information about, who invented Violin first but its believed that Andrea Amati was known as the developer of  Violin (not cleared yet). Violin is world’s most famous instrument, it is very hard to find even a single village on the planet where violin is not known. Not even that, violin is very hard to play as well because while playing violin, position of your hands, you fingers, your neck has to be perfect, even a tiny problem in position can make your violin go off the track.

There are so many types of violin but mainly there are two types of it. One is Non Electronic Violin, which is good for newbies and good for practicing. There are tunes defined in it, so you can practice on those tunes.
The second one is Electronic Violin, which is more vast. It allows you to try making you own music or experimenting with your own tunes as well.

So Now here are the tunes of violin for you. I am posting 4 tunes as of now.

First one is from Movie Sur.
Second one is from Mohabbatein.
Third one is from Yuvraj (song – Tu hi to meri dost hai)
And the last one is from from Yuvraj (song – Tu muskura)

So here you go.

Note:- The links given below are not of songs. It only contains the background music of violin.

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