The Right Chords

A small sentence – Old is Gold, actually has a very deep meaning in your life, in my life, in fact in everyone’s life. Whenever we look back, we find some pleasant memories, close to our heart and if had some bad experience in past, then also its not bad because bad times teach us a lesson for lifetime. In today’s busy world, where everyone one is working hard, some for good marks, some for a nice career, some for handsome salary, when we think of the old time, like our school time, our collage days, outing with family or friends, class bunks, it gives us the sweetest smile and relieves us from our busy schedules.

Old is gold concept also applies on the music because unlike today’s awful music (like item number, or some stupid tracks), the old time’s music was up to the mark. The musicians, singers of late 60’s, 80’s, 90’s were very talented, also they had very good knowledge of music.
oh no no. I am not saying that today’s music is bad or today’s singers are not talented, What I am trying to say is that old time music was pretty nice.

So today, I am going to post one of the very beautiful song from late 80’s. I personally think that lyrics are the veins of music, lyrics of the song should make sense (unlike Kolaveri d) and that’s why I love this song because the words were used superbly. Let’s read about people behind the song:-

Lyricist:- Santosh Anand (Santosh Anand started his career as lyricist with the very famous movie Purab aur Paschim. He laso wrote the lyrics of movie Roti Kapda aur Makaan and also got filmfare award for the song Main Na Bhoolunga. His lyrics were always inspiring and very meaningful and it was his write ups that filled the heartbeat in the music at the time of late 70’s and 80’s.)

Musician: Laxmikant, Pyarelal (Late Laxmikant Pyarelal was very famous Indian composer. They composed the music for about 635 Indian movies from 1963 to 1998. Laxmikant was born on the day of Diwali. Laxmikant- pyarelal started their career with Rajshree Production’s film Dosti and gave such a pleasing music that movie got success on the basis of music, Now you can understand that how good they were in Music Composition. Laxmi-Pyare composed Indian classical music and Western music as well, but they were most popular for their folk tunes.)

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar (I have already written about her here:-

Tera Saath hai to, muje kya kami hai
Andhero se bhi, Mil rahi roshni hai.
Kuch bhi nahi hai to, koi gam nahi hai
Hr ik bebasi, ban gai chandani hai.

Tuti hai kashti, tez hai dhara
Kabhi na Kabhi to, milega kinara
Bahi Ja rahi, Yeh samay ki nadi hai
Is a par karne ki, asha jagi hai.

Tera Saath hai to, Tera Saath hai to,
muje kya kami hai
Andhero se bhi, Mil rahi roshni hai.

Hare ik Mushkil, saral lag rahi hai
Muje jhopadi bhi mahal lag rahi hai
In aakho mai mana, Nami hi Nami hai
Magar is Nami par hi Duniya thami hai

Tera Saath hai to, Tera Saath hai to,
muje kya kami hai
Andhero se bhi, Mil rahi roshni hai.

Mere sath tum Muskura ke to Dekho
Udasi ka badal, hata k to dekho
Kabhi hai ye Aasu, Kabhi ye hasi hai
Mere Humsafar, Bas yahi zindagi hai

Tera Saath hai to, Tera Saath hai to,
muje kya kami hai
Andhero se bhi, Mil rahi roshni hai
Tera Saath hai to, Tera Saath hai to……….

You can download the song from the link below:-

Feel music, Feel happiness……. 🙂

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