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Titanic New Song in Hindi

Music is fun. We enjoy music a lot in every situation. Not only we enjoy it, we feel it in every cell of our body. Let’s talk about titanic today. When it comes to romance, valentines day, love, everyone used to say one name and that was titanic and today also people talk about titanic when its comes to love. When i personally watched the movie, my expectations were too high, as i heard a lot about it. But i only liked the movie after interval (movie was too slow). But that one song………. OMG !!! It was awesome, marvelous, superb, amazing etc etc…. The song of the movie was damn good that i was like ,,,, i want to hear it again and again and again and again.

Don’t worry, i know you all have the song but i am posting the new version of the song. And everyone reading this post must download it because this one is also quite nice. Along with the new titanic song, I am posting another song, directed by a band (this one is also very nice).

I won’t post the lyrics and the music details for this post…. First, All you have to listen the song and then I ll give the details (if required). So just enjoy the music and keep smiling.

There you go !!!!!

Now you download the songs and let me know if you liked them…. Hope you will enjoy the music….